Abreu Logistics

Over the years, we have managed to gain an increasingly strong position behind the wheel.
We drive our customers along the best roads and for us, there are no difficult routes or roads with no entry. We have several partners in Europe which allows us to handle all requests quickly and efficiently. With our wheels firmly planted on the tarmac, we have already transported ship and plane parts, we have already taken Portuguese wine to several countries in Europe and we have even carried appetizers. In addition to gastronomic experiences, we like to transport fashion, often Portuguese fashion, throughout Europe. We have been driving for many years, we feel safe at the wheel and we like to be challenged, like when we went on a theatre tour from the north to the south of Germany.
We have a team available to ensure that all orders arrive in a good condition and as planned at the destination. Our borders are defined by the lines of each road, so wherever there is a road we will always move forward.
What sets us apart is how we accompany our customers, all the assistance we give during and after the journey. We perceive each customer and request as unique, and it is this personalization that sets our course. This is the way we want it to be for as long as possible. We like relationships formed at the wheel and we want them to always work.

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In terms of road cargo, we highlight the services we make available to you:

Regular and direct lines (exp/imp)

Multi-weekly grouping

Door/door service - local distribution

Collection Control (COD)

Tracking (including POD)


Project Services



Food Transportation

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