Abreu Logistics

We have been sailing the oceans since 1970 and, as a Portuguese company, the ambition to explore and discover new destinations is ever present.
We have been sailing for more than 45 years, which allows us to have a very strong presence in some markets such as Africa, the Far East or South America and to know very well the maritime route to our islands once we go there every week.
We like to transport what is produced in our country - olive oil, wine, tomato, cork, preserves - both to make it known and to take a little of us to the Portuguese around the world.
Accepting challenges is part of our spirit which has already allowed us to move a factory from one country to another. Our adventurous spirit has meant that in 2011 we decided to dock in Angola, where we remain until the present day and where our path has been marked by several achievements. We spend a lot of time on the high seas and on these trips we never go alone. We are always in the company of the various partners that we have worldwide. These partnerships allow us to navigate further and give an even better response to our customers.
We differentiate ourselves by being a dynamic, efficient and ready team to face the storms necessary to navigate without wreckage.
We like relationships and we work to get them to shore safely!

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In terms of maritime cargo, we also highlight the following Abreu Logistics services:

Imports and exports for the whole world

Control of PODs and Cods




Collection and delivery


Angola and Cape Verde’s consolidation

(in Lisbon, Oporto, Funchal, Ponta Delgada, Terceira and Horta) and also in Angola